How hard are some actors to work with when your costars murder you by beheading you? If that isn’t totally whacked, then what is? But, apparently two of the costars of Indian actress Meenakshi Thepar from her latest film, HEROES, were put off about her talk about her family wealth compared to their own pay scales, so the male and female lovers decided to kidnap the actress, and demand the equivalent of $28,000 U.S. dollars ransom for her return. Instead, the pair strangled and then beheaded the actress, which among other things might make it just a little bit harder to return her safe and sound in order to collect the ransom money. Even worse, doing such bad things will undoubtedly get you charged with murder as well.

The couple managed another big screwup as well. They were found to be in possession of the murdered actresses cell-phone and other possessions, which helped to implicate the pair, which soon confessed to her murder.

Well, that certainly turned out well for everyone, didn’t it?