THE DARKEST HOUR is a little science fiction gem that you might have overlooked the next time you look for a good Sci Fi yarn. This 2011 Russian-American film is real treat. It’s a great invasion from space tale where mostly invisible electrical energy monsters from Space invade Moscow and a small group of American and Russian survivors of the invasion put up a valiant effort to fight off the enemy from space.

In many ways, you see some of the same heroism of WWII’s Great Patriotic War in the tough group of Russian survivors, bent on protecting their city of Moscow from the invaders from space. And you really admire their attempts to find effective means to battle the invaders through new means of warfare. One eccentric Russian electrical genius devises a microwave gun meant to expose the defenses of the invaders and make them easy prey for conventional weapons for example. You have great admiration at the loyalty of the Russians to defend their homeland from the invaders, but also their willingness to risk their lives to help the small group of American survivors make it to a Russian submarine that will ferry survivors back to the U.S. to fight off the invasion in their own land. THE DARKEST HOUR is a great tale of near impossible odds by the small group of survivors to fight off the alien invaders, with what appears to be a losing effort, but a valiant fight nonetheless. It has so many strong historical overtones of that famous Russian WWII struggle against impossible odds from the Nazi invaders.

Well produced and well acted, with great scenic scenes shot in both Russia and water scenes shot in Berlin, THE DARKEST HOUR is a far better film than many film critics over at Rotten Tomatoes gave this film due credit for. Many of them simply failed to see the historic parallels of the film to Russian WWII history, where citizens of Moscow put up a brave struggle against a terrible adversary, fighting a war with difficult to impossible odds to save their city. THE DARKEST HOUR is a very good movie.

The Bottom Line: A much better than expected film, where the viewer is pleasantly surprised by the storyline taking place in Russia, giving a different perspective on an alien invasion flick. ***(Three Stars, Good. Rent or buy this very good Sci Fi film. If possible see the 3D version, but even in 2D this a compelling and great film, proving that some very fine films come from Russia, which has lots of great filmmakers. One of the best foreign horror or Sci Films that I’ve seen since DEAD SNOW).