Dick Clark, perhaps one of the greatest icons in TV and music production has died of a massive heart attack at the age of 82. Not only famous for his AMERICAN BANDSTAND television show, but for numerous other productions, Dick Clark was one of television’s greatest production figures for decades. Dick Clark’s AMERICAN BANDSTAND really helped to introduce rock and roll as mainstream entertainment to the American public, giving so many artists a showcase for their songs long before the music video and MTV took video images and music to new higher levels. Dick Clark was also the producer of other entertainment such as the game show PYRAMID and his DICK CLARK’S ROCKIN’ NEW YEARS EVE as well, giving the rock and generation a hip alternate to the more conservative New Years programming on the other networks.

Dick Clark also was the host of some rock and roll countdown radio shows, and even filled in for Casey Kasem’s AMERICAN TOP FORTY on occasion. Dick Clark still contributed some music profile segments to the syndicated oldies show, REWIND WITH GARY BRYAN, which is aired on many radio stations throughout the U.S., and offers some neat little interview segments each week.

One major feature of AMERICAN BANDSTAND each week was the top ten songs of the week list, which David Letterman has managed to turn into a long running comedy feature on his own television programs. Clark and Don Cornelius, the creator of SOUL TRAIN, were at times rivals, although they did manage some joint music productions.

Although the beloved producer and announcer always maintained a youthful appearance throughout his life, often appearing considerably younger than his actual age, Clark suffered a significant stroke back in 2004, yet worked hard to make a comeback and appeared on his own ROCKIN’ NEW YEARS EVE shows as late as this past year’s 2012 show. He had an immediately recognizable and famous voice that well loaned itself to advertising and promotions as well.

Dick Clark leaves us as one of the most influential television personalities of our generation.