Leave it up to raw meat rocker Ted Nugent to make some crazy statements at an NRA convention that would lead to him being put under federal investigation. But, speaking before thinking seems to come natural for Nugent, who’s main popularity as a rock star has long since waned back by the late 70’s. The last thing the NRA needs is for lunatics like Nugent to characterize their organization as a loose confederation of kooks with guns rather than sane and responsible persons in possession of potentially dangerous weapons.

The whole mess also reflected poorly on Mitt Romney as well, because Ted Nugent has publicly endorsed Romney. Romney, himself was speaking at the convention in St. Louis as well. But, Mitt Romney’s connection to the NRA is also in question. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney once had a disparaging comment about the NRA, but then later joined the organization shortly before he ran unsuccessfully for president in 2008, losing to John McCain for the GOP nomination that year. Romney further claimed to like to hunt on one hand, but then also joked about not knowing which end of the gun to point because he claimed to know so little about firearms. There isn’t really much evidence that Romney is any gun enthusiast at all, and that he simply joined the NRA in 2008 merely to advance his political credentials with gun issue voters who support the NRA. Given his contradictory views on the NRA, it is actually difficult to judge whether Romney is actually a dependable gun rights supporter or a gun control advocate. His views on that issue are just that convoluted. Then again, Nugent seems to be rather confused himself.

Ted Nugent’s comments about President Obama also seemed rather surprising partly because the president hasn’t really promoted any new legislation regarding firearms, and has publicly supported the Second Amendment as well, which indicates that he has many moderate positions in some areas compared to some Democrats who are at the forefront of gun control legislation.

In August 2010, Ted Nugent was arrested for hunting violations which included baiting a deer and then not having properly signing hunting tags. Further, during the filming of a TV show, Nugent was reportedly witnessed killing an immature buck according to another source. Nugent may like to hunt, but he hasn’t always followed the rules and it cost him a $1750 fine when he was forced to plead no contest to the charges stemming from the hunting violations arrest.