Although, THE THREE STOOGES is posting strong Friday numbers, estimated around $5.6 million dollars opening night, THE HUNGER GAMES is still expected to remain the weekend’s overall box office favorite. The film took in an estimated $6.4 million on Friday, besting those three crazy guys and the unusual horror flick, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, which took in an estimated $5.5 million.

The expected box office weekend win of THE HUNGER GAMES will give the film four weeks of box office top spot wins, and the film will top the $322 million it has already earned when this weekend’s figures are expected to add another $20 million or so.

With the end of some teen-friendly franchise films like the HARRY POTTER series, THE HUNGER GAMES, will give younger audiences a new genre series to look forward to in coming years.

The Farrelly brothers had real difficulty making THE THREE STOOGES because actors such as Sean Penn and Jim Carrey kept leaving the troubled project, where the film looked to be dead on arrival several times since it’s 1996 plans to be produced. It almost seemed like a miracle the film was ever made, yet actors Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulis have proved to be better than most critics expected, where many critics actually found the film to be very funny.