A funny and surprising little tidbit is that famed singer-song writer, Bob Dylan is a huge fan of The Three Stooges. In fact, when the Farrelly Brothers sought permission from Dylan to use one his legendary songs, “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues”, Dylan was very gracious and excited to play a part in the film by providing this song. Dylan had an interesting perspective on The Three Stooges as well, where he tended to view Moe as the “smartest” on one hand, but considered himself a fan of Moe’s brother, Shemp. In fact, Shemp seems to have some strong appeal among the very intelligent. Bob Costas, for example is a big lover of Shemp as well.

A person can almost imagine Bob Dylan saying something like, “Yeah, Curly Joe Derita, not so much. But, Shemp, whoaaa!”.

Even though Bob Dylan is a fan of the Stooges, strangely, the older he gets, the more he looks a little like Vincent Price. The legendary singer-song writer turns 71 May 24.