In order to defend Dennis Rodman in court for owing $808,935 in child support as well as an additional $51,441 in spousal support, Rodman’s lawyer submitted court papers claiming that the controversial former NBA great player was both sick and broke. That would be clear enough of a defense, but Dennis Rodman decided that he needed to further complicate matters by appearing on NBC’s TODAY SHOW to refute that he was neither broke nor ill. Now, you only have to wonder what his lawyer has to say. Having Dennis Rodman as your client takes the patience of a saint to stay sane.

You also may wonder what happens next when the judge in the ongoing child and spousal support case will be when the defendant says one thing in his official legal brief, but then goes on national TV to refute his own legal claims.

They say a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. They also say that a lawyer who represents Dennis Rodman in court, also has a fool for a client.

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