Prostitutes in Spain are so angry at bankers in their country, that they have decided to call a strike against bankers until they offer more credit and loans to average citizens as well as small business loans. Right now, Spain, like most Western countries is suffering through the terrible worldwide recession, and professional escorts and other professional prostitutes feel very much that bankers are making the severe financial crisis in that country much worse for many people by the banks playing hardball right now and only allowing many families and small businesses to fail.

Like most Western countries, prostitution in the form of escort services often operates in a legal vacuum, where it is often only the pimps who may face arrest, although in 2011 some new legislation was proposed to make the advertising of escort services illegal in Spain.

Strangely, police in Spain allow many prostitutes to work along streets and roadways as long as they are wearing reflective construction site type safety vests, because police fear them to be a traffic or accident hazard waiting to happen otherwise. A prostitute is more likely to get a fine for not wearing a reflective traffic safety vest than being arrested for selling sex in much of Spain.

The Spanish Minister of Commerce And Competitiveness tends to view escort services as poorly regulated by government, which pretty much means that government there can neither put escort services out of business, nor force them to accept all clients. And since there hasn’t been any official formal declaration of a strike published, Spanish commerce officials are powerless to enforce any sort of trade discrimination sanctions against escort services.

All of this means that bankers in Spain might just have to be reduced to the same sexual poverty level as many other men in the Western world, and just look at free porn on the Internet and then take matters into their own hands.