As proof that Lindsay Lohan is now almost broke and suffering from huge legal bills and other debts, she was forced to sell a truck load of her designer clothes to a business that resells used clothing. Lindsay Lohan now joins a growing list of celebrities who have suffered such big financial setbacks that they are forced to sell their homes or other treasured personal belongings just to stay afloat financially.

Only days ago, some man attempted to seek six figures from the actress, claiming that he was a victim of a hit and run accident from Lohan. But, her car failed to show any body damage to prove his case. But, it had to be a new concern to the actress who appears to face a serious financial struggle right now, just as she is attempting to put her life back in order.

TMZ even claims that Lindsay Lohan was two months behind in her rent, but made a $23,000 payment recently, avoiding possible eviction as a further sign of her serious economic straits.

There is also some new, but disputed story that Lindsay Lohan may have involved in some nightclub altercation with some woman. But, given that recent attempt by some guy to claim a hit and run despite any physical evidence, this story deserves more investigation.