Another young star in legal trouble.? Hey, what can possibly go wrong there you say? Well, move over Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, there’s new bad ass mama on the scene! It seems that Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI in West Hollywood early this morning after her BMW collided with a plainly marked black & white police car. Word has it that cops hate that sort of thing. Bynes was booked, but reportedly released on $5000 bail. But, what was most striking was her new outrageous hair color in her lovely booking photo.

Bynes had just celebrated her 26th birthday on April 3, but apparently decided to make things a week long event and got herself liquored up again last night before being involved in the crash.

Besides being a young actress that was a fixture for years at the Nickelodeon Network, Bynes had attended a comedy camp as a girl, and was also a pretty decent comic as well. But, she hardly looked to be in any laughing mood in her booking photo though.