You’d think that this was some sort of ratings sweeps week the way that ABC’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA and NBC’s TODAY SHOW are bringing out the big name talent. But, the truth is that ABC’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA is slowly pulling close to the traditional morning TV ratings leader over at NBC. And with Robin Roberts on a one week vacation, ABC is sticking it’s neck out to see if Katie Couric can bring in the numbers to finally fill the small ratings gap between the two shows.

Katie Couric might be a little bit of a controversial choice. The once popular morning co-host of THE TODAY SHOW was lured over to CBS to host their evening news, but the ratings quickly fizzled and it became a ratings bust for the network. And one taped interview with Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin seemed to be a damaging turning point during the 2008 election cycle in September 2008. The interview appeared to be a sort of mutually assured destruction for both Couric and Palin, where both suffered some damage from that interview.

Sarah Palin appears to have a cult appeal among some sorts of conservative voters as well as seems interesting to her critics which often find her amusing and dizzy.

Maybe, ABC and NBC both have it all wrong here, and neither Katie Couric or Sarah Palin will be the big ratings draw that neither network thinks. Both might just be damaged goods. If the TV public wanted to see Katie Couric, then she’d still be anchoring the CBS nightly news. And if people really loved Sarah Palin, she’d be a leading candidate for president right now, instead of becoming more irrelevant by the day.

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