All of the hype for the much anticipated movie, THE HUNGER GAMES, has certainly worked. The movie became the third largest box office open ever, grossing a little over $155 in it’s U.S. and Canadian North American opening, as well as over $214 million worldwide. And both critics and audiences gave the film rave reviews as well. According to the Rotten Tomatoes survey of critics, 85% of critics liked the film as well as 88% of audiences. That’s some high numbers, tying with the 85% critical approval for the movie version of 21 Jump Street, where the two films are now viewed as far and away the two best films running in theaters, giving the Spring Break vacationers two very good films to choose from.

Well directed and superbly acted, THE HUNGER GAMES has managed to please most viewers as well as continues great publicity coverage on entertainment TV shows such as ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. All of this good buzz has helped to make this film a huge hit.

THE HUNGER GAMES did set a new record for the biggest opening for any non-sequel ever. Normally, a big film like a TWILIGHT, HARRY POTTER or STAR WARS sequel would pull in the big numbers. So for a first shot at converting an young adult book series into a film, THE HUNGER GAMES has more than succeeded. You can expect other books in this series to make it to theaters based on the success of this first book. Just when HARRY POTTER has sung it’s swan-song, a new series of books for young people will fill the void.