Only hours after using lawyers to quash a claimed “100% fake” sex tape, British singer and X FACTOR personality, Tulisa Contostavos, now has taken to the Internet to confirm that it is indeed her in the sex video circulating on the Internet. But, reportedly the man in the video is her former boyfriend, Justin Edwards, who is best known by his stage name, MC Ultra.

For her part, the singer feels hurt and betrayed that this intimate moment of her life was made public. Apparently, six months ago Tulisa Contostavos got a call from a mutual friend that her former boyfriend had some intimate footage he was planning on going public with to hurt her career. Contostavos confronted Edwards, hoping to stop him from making the intimate footage public. Nothing happened until last week when the footage suddenly became an Internet controversy.

Some reports were that the man in the video was Fazer from N Dubz, but the latest revelations by Contostavios seem to clarify that wrong speculation.

The 23 year old singer has now gone to YouTube offering up a statement to her fans to set the record straight on this story.