Baby-faced beautiful actress Phoebe Cates was just 18 when she starred in what had to be the greatest teen movie masturbation fantasy scene of all time from FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH when actor Judge Reinhold was fantasizing about the beautiful actress poolside dropping her top to the surreal song by The Cars, “Moving In Stereo”. It was only the second film for the actress who went on to a long career in other fine teen-interest films such as GREMLINS and GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH.

The beautiful actress comes from an interesting multiracial and ethnic background, with Chinese, Filipino, Russian, Spanish and Jewish background, making her a one person league of nations. What a beautiful mix. What a beautiful girl.

Unbelievably, that cute little actress is now 48. That many years have passed. But, looking back, Cate remarks what “fun” it was doing that topless poolside scene. It was both funny and very sexy. Thanks Cate. We all grew up enjoying your sexy scene. We’re glad that you had fun too.