While the debut of ABC’s GCB(Good Christian Bitches, some say) wasn’t spectacular, this past Sunday the viewership swelled upward, making the controversial new program #1 in it’s time slot. This new firepower also presents a real danger to CSI:MIAMI over at CBS, which is seen as on the bubble whether it will be renewed for the Fall 2012 season or not. As DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES gets ready to sing it’s swan song this May, GCB gives ABC a new show with a similar market appeal. And by running these two shows together, it gives ABC a powerful following of female viewers for these two shows.

ABC has to be pretty happy that viewership actually increased for GCB in it’s second week. Often a show starts out strong, but loses rather than builds an audience. So a second week audience growth is certainly welcome news to those execs over at ABC.

It was also heartening to see viewership better for any show this past Sunday, because the switch to daylight saving time cost most of the Sunday programs about 10% or better of their viewers. So even in a smaller viewership market, GCB was able to swim uphill.

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