LA PIEL QUE HABITO(THE SKIN I LIVE IN) is a highly unusual arthouse medical thriller staring Antonio Banderas as a brilliant plastic surgeon who was so frustrated that he could not save his beloved wife from horrific burns caused in an automobile accident that he keeps a new lover under lock and key in his own home as he slowly replaces all of her skin with a new synthetic skin that won’t burn or injure based on unethical illegal human/animal genetic research. This is a very macabre and strange tale, that involves some very strange images and characters as well as a very bizarre storyline. It’s not for everyone, but it’s nonetheless one of the better arthouse films I’ve seen recently.

The movie takes yet another macabre twist when an accused rapist is tortured and becomes the subject of forced sexual reassignment surgery, only making the story even more bizarre.

If you enjoy deeply bizarre arthpouse films, LA PIEL QUE HABITO is a whole new adventure. Done entirely in Spanish, this film is subtitled for English speakers.

The Bottom Line: A high unusual movie experience worth a look. This film got 80% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes from the critics, and slightly higher positive reviews from audiences. **1/2(Two and a half stars, or better than fair. A worthy foreign film that’s nearly a gem. Find it if you can. It’s worthwhile).