Katy Perry’s third studio album firmly cemented her as a true pop music superstar act. It’s a very listenable collection of 12 listed tracks, plus two more hidden tracks, including an alternate version of TEENAGE DREAM. Snoop Dogg guest stars on CALIFORNIA GURLS. And although the album has been on the charts for some time, the album continues to provide hit singles for the top artist. This album is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Although released in 2010, the album has so far provided six top selling singles with only her latest single coming from her next upcoming album.

Katy Perry’s career originally got something of a false start with the quick failure of her first album, KATY HUDSON, released back in 2001 that didn’t get much traction all. The album of all Gospel music failed to even chart. But, by 2008 a new attempt under her new showbiz name, doing popular music, made Katy Perry a big success with ONE OF THE BOYS.

Getting away from any stogy conservative Gospel music look, the wild and unconventional dress of Katy Perry has also become one of her most recognizable showbiz traits. Her songs have also become decidedly more sexual in tone as well, compared to her far more spiritual music of old. It’s a fascinating worldly transformation of Gospel performer into a bona fide pop superstar.

TEENAGE DREAM is such a fine listenable album, that even just a casual fan of Katy Perry can’t help but be impressed. It’s a a very fine album if you just want to buy something fresh to listen to in the car or at home.

The Bottom Line: At times Katy Perry seems like she’s channeling Alanis Morrisette and a few other top acts, but don’t worry about that. This is a really good cd here. ***(Three Stars, Good. More than worthwhile to buy and love to death).