Rev.Pat Robertson, that lovable religious huckster, has made news once again for a few of his controversial comments. On one hand, the 81 year old religious broadcaster, has called for the decriminalization of the possession of marijuana, opposing using the nation’s prisons to lock up young people who simply use the illegal drug, on the other hand he made controversy by blaming tornadoes on a lack of prayer in the U.S.

Controversy is nothing new for the elderly religious tycoon. Experts who are skeptics and mediums have debated Pat Robertson using an old parlor game trick known as “cold readings” on LARRY KING TONIGHT before, which Robertson reportedly uses to make it seem as though he is healing sick persons via the TV screen. This TV screen healing is especially amazing because some of the apostles that were the most close to Jesus himself were unable to heal themselves of various conditions such as bad eyesight or were unable to defend themselves from imprisonment, beatings or even executions. Yet, some millionaire TV preacher claims to harness powers far greater than these apostles. One part sideshow antics, one part show biz, Pat Robertson has been a top notch religious entertainment act whose 700 CLUB program manages to reach millions each day.

Although highly profitable for Robertson, the 700 CLUB and the Christian Broadcast Network does help to provides funding for a wide variety of worldwide missions to relieve hunger and lack of medicine, so the antics of Robertson have also resulted in a wealth of good works as well.

Some television preachers such as Pat Robertson have carried TV religion to whole new level of innovation by redefining religious TV. His 700 CLUB is one part entertainment, one part news, one part conservative politics, one part religion. It’s like a religious variety show. And Pat Robertson himself is always great entertainment to watch. He might be easy to lampoon for his absurd pronouncements or ratlike personality qualities, but he remains infinitely more likable than some leading conservative personalities such as Rush Limbaugh. On one hand, you know Pat Robertson is a huckster, but still you like the guy. He remains always entertaining, and sometimes seems almost reasonable and moderate, especially when he calls for a more common sense approach to the nation’s problems with illegal drugs.

Although Pat Robertson’s organizations will no doubt offer up to millions of dollars of help to the tornado victims, these victims probably don’t appreciate his unhelpful statements about their lack of prayer somehow causing their dire situation. But, that’s the mixed bag of Pat Robertson. One part real good, another part simply awful.