In the latest escalation of violence by the domestic terrorist Occupy Movement, a Starbucks and at least two banks were badly damaged in Portland, Oregon by rock throwing vandals who later issued a communique taking responsibility for their actions. ATM machines and other bank equipment was smashed and destroyed by the domestic terrorists. A Portland Police spokesman was concerned that the Occupy Movement was sending mixed messages today, at first claiming that they were going to launch some peaceful protests, but then struck with the coordinated early morning attacks on the businesses in different parts of the city.

In the case of the domestic terrorist attack on the 39th and Salmon branch of the U.S. Bank, not only were the doors knocked out, but the ATM machines were badly damaged. Even the bulletproof window of the drive-up teller window was badly damaged. Normally these are made of a high tech plastic that will repel bullets, so it isn’t clear what sort of weapons were used by these domestic terrorists to make impact holes through any window of this strength. It isn’t clear whether these terrorists did any damage inside these banks, but any entering of the banks were constitute an enhanced crime far beyond the normal serious federal felonies that these domestic terrorists now face. These domestic terrorists could face charges as serious federal banking crimes all the way up to homeland security act violations for domestic terrorism. Prison sentences could range from 5 years to life imprisonment if these federal charges are brought against these domestic terrorists.

The Occupy movement domestic terrorists sent Emails to news-stations like KOIN taking responsibility for their violent attacks in rambling and poorly misspelled messages. However, the Mayor of Portland, Oregon, Sam Adams failed to revoke the parade permit for the protesters after their early morning acts of violence, only leading to some disorderly street protests later in the day, resulting in dozens of arrests.

No doubt, the mayor’s ability to handle a crisis will once again be called into question here. He had an opportunity to prevent further problems, but completely failed. He is not running for re-election after a sex scandal involving him and a 17 year old boy, badly damaged his reputation and resulted in a criminal investigation. A recall movement failed to remove the mayor as unfit for office.