Call me a sucker for funny parody Monopoly cards, but the new MAD Magazine has a really funny great new feature of a select group of comic Mitt Romney edition Monopoly game cards. I can tell you that this is the best parody Monopoly game card pieces since “The Miracle Monopoly Cheating Kit” published in THE NATIONAL LAMPOON back in the 1970’s. That featured some great cards such as “Shoot The Moon”, which allowed you to get everything from all the other players with just one card. The new issue of MAD Magazine is a classic, and one of their best issues yet. I strongly recommend to buy a copy or two.

MAD Magazine is the lone survivor of a scad of parody and satire magazines started in the 1950’s. MAD’s chief competitor from 1958, CRACKED Magazine has been reduced down to just a Website after an anthrax scare joke some years ago caused the magazine to miss a critical publishing deadline and some major distributors stopped distributing the magazine. Strangely, the magazine was sold to a Arab company for a short time, but then became a short-lived revival of the magazine under a whole new format that failed after only a few issues. The Magazine was then reduced to a Website.

MAD Magazine has also faced some significant cutbacks. For years it was an 8 issue a year magazine, then finally expanded to 12 issues a year. But, Warner Bros. which purchased the magazine then cut it back to a quarterly publication in recent years, and ordered staff cuts by a third as a last ditch attempt to save the magazine from complete destruction. Despite all of this, MAD still manages some very good issues such as this latest one with a great MIKE & MOLLY parody as well.