Hollywood is known for it’s pretentious divas. The difficult actor seems to be a recurring theme in Hollywood, but which Hollywood actors are pleasures to work with? Which actors come to work without a chip on their shoulder and treat their fellow cast and crew kindly? Surprisingly, there are some out there. Here are some of the best actors to work with.

Tom Cruise

Sure, his personality may be a little much, and he tends to get a little bit overly exuberant about pretty much everything, but Tom Cruise is one of the best actors to have on set. Not only does he take care of every little detail to make sure he’s bringing the best to his performance (reports from the set of the soon-to-be-released “Rock of Ages” indicate that he had his vocal coach work with him every day, even though his vocals were dubbed in later). But he’s apparently a nice guy well known for saving people’s lives and showing very un-diva-like behavior while on set. He’s not so much a person, as a Scientological superhero.

Johnny Depp

Not only does Johnny Depp beat to his own drum, but he also picks roles that he finds interesting, regardless of their commercial appeal. According to this report, Depp spent $65,000 of his own money to buy new waterproof jackets for more than 500 crew members on the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” to help them stay warm during filming. Plus, he gave the world “21 Jump Street,” making him an actor that anyone would want to work with.

Holly Hunter

The star of “Broadcast News” and “Moonlight Mile” is well known for being a pleasure to work with and being someone that is nice to all of her co-stars, whether they are well-paid supporting actors or unpaid extras. From running lines with her cast mates to handing out water bottles to extras, she is a class act.

Will Smith

This one might just go without saying, but Will Smith just seems like a good guy. Could be his personality that comes through in all of his roles, or the fact that he’s heavily involved in his own foundation to help disadvantaged inner-city kids, but he seems to check all the boxes. He’s a hard worker on set that sometimes pulls double duty as an actor and as a producer, and he still brings his all to his performances. Who wouldn’t want to show up to work each day and hang out with Will Smith?

Steve Carell

Even though he hasn’t been a movie actor for his entire career, he’s been involved in enough films to have gained a reputation as being a great actor work with. From his treatment of extras to his ability to improvise and make other actors better, he’s a guy that other actors and crew want to work with. Plus, can you imagine how much the man would make you laugh on a daily basis?

Hugh Jackman

Jackson earns one of the highest paychecks per movie, yet he’s also one of Hollywood’s nicest guys.  Even though he made $20 million for playing Wolverine, he still drives his son to school every morning. “He’s easily the nicest guy in Hollywood,” said Shawn Levy, who directed Jackman in the recent, “Real Steel.”

“And it’s not an act. There’s no on-off switch. He is an open, gracious, generous human being all the time,” said Levy. Leaving no doubt that Hugh Jackman essentially has it all: the body of an Adonis, the tap dance skills of Gene Kelly, and apparently the personality of Mother Theresa.

Which actor would you like to work with?

This guest post is by Edwin, an author for Celebutaunt. You can follow him on Twitter: @TheCelebutaunt.

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