Greenpeace environmentalist demonstrators don’t seem to care much about $4, $5 or even $6 a gallon gas, and have taken over a ship with oil headed for Alaska sailing from New Zealand. Actress Lucy Lawless, 43, was among these demonstrators, and went way too far in their occupation of the ship, leading to arrest on more serious burglary charges which could well result in some jail or prison time for the former XENA THE WARRIOR PRINCESS star.

Looking particularly unglamorous, Lawless was on a tower on the ship for four days, and bragged about using containers to conduct her bathroom business. It’s been a pretty absurd fall from grace for the actress since her ZENA days, and a pretty sad comment on her life that she’s now down to doing this wacky environmentalist nonsense.

Wacky environmentalists like this just don’t live in the real world with the rest of us. In order for economies to provide jobs, a certain amount of progress is needed as nations work to develop new technology that burns less oil. The current wave of high gas prices will almost certainly result in more electric, hybrid or alternate technology vehicles which will reduce the need for more oil in the future. These environmentalists don’t understand that the wisdom of the marketplace will fix many problems. such as oil consumption, leading to more environmental friendly and cost effective power sourced products. The markets will always drive new technology research and products as consumers will reject products that just cost too much to maintain, such as low mileage vehicles.

In 1977, the world pretty much went past a critical oil stage known as “peak oil”, which meant that it became much harder to retrieve oil without air, gas or water injection to raise oil levels for easy access.

It’s sure nice to see this former Xena star so serious about her acting career and not screwing around, getting into trouble. Not!