Florida State House Representative Richard Steinberg has resigned his office after he was caught up in a bizarre sexting scandal where he sent lewd and sexually explicit unwanted stalker-like text messages to a married federal prosecutor of all people. Oh yeah, if you want to commit a weird sex crime, make sure to involve a federal prosecutor in the mess. Assistant U.S. Attorney Marlene Fernandez-Karavetsos was the victim of a string of bizarre sexually explicit messages sent as texts through Yahoo under an anonymous identity used by Steinberg, although Karavetsos asked who was sending the messages when she responded to the unwanted texts. Karavetsos used the U.S. Sectret Service to trace down Steinberg and seek a search warrant in court against him. So far, Steinberg hasn’t been formally been charged with any crime. But, he could potentiall;y face some sort of federal felony charges for this weird series of texting sex crimes.

In the American Greek community, the weird sex crime story has been a big news item, because Karavetsos is such a prominent and accomplished member of this Greek American community, holding such a high federal position.

Steinberg, a democrat, had previously voted to crack down on cyberstalking in the Florida legislature as late as last week before he himself was found to be involved in the same sorts of cybercrimes. Under some of the same bills that Steinberg supported as recently as only days ago, were some bills that would make the same sort of crime activity that Steinberg did a felony with a possible five year prison sentence.

Steinberg’s big saving grace is that some of the bills that he helped to pass into law, don’t become state law in Florida until Oct 1, so he cannot be retroactively charged with some of his crimes. But, some federal laws could still apply to his illegal sexual texting, especially since the U.S. Secret Service was involved, and the potential of a threat to a federal official was involved. Steinberg would probably be wise to hire a criminal attorney sooner than later if he knows how to read the tea leaves correctly.

Gee, the more you know about some politicians, it seems the less you like them.