Terrorism is complete B.S. Some political radicals want to impose their nonsense extremist views of religion or politics on others so bad that they pull tricks like injuring or killing innocent people in public places such as the 9/11 assaults on public airline transportation. On a public airliner flight set to take off from Portland Oregon’s main airport some young Saudi Arabian got himself arrested on federal charges for what had to rank as the absolute stupidest bit of pro-terrorist B.S rant on a passenger airliner ever in history.

Yazeed Mohammed A. Abunayyad, 19, completely embarrassed his 21 year old cousin who tried to get his dumb-crap relative to shut up and put out an electronic cigarette that he started smoking on the flight although he was asked repeatedly to stop by the flight crew. Abunayyad instead interfered with the flight crew and may have hit several passengers, while speaking and singing of the praises of Osama Bin Laden, the big time sissyass loser terrorist leader who’s crimes only earned him a bullet in the head by Navy Seals for all the innocent persons he conspired to murder with his worldwide terrorism cult.

But, Abunayyad’s cousin Fahad Alsubaie, made every good attempt to get his relative to behave on the flight, and certainly didn’t approve of his wacky conduct or proOsama bin Laden rants. Alsubaie claims that his relative is mentally ill and the two were headed back to Saudi Arabia to visit his sick mother.

Local FBI spokesperson Beth Anne Steele noted that the criminal charge against Abunayyad was for interfering with the flight crew and terrorism charges wouldn’t likely be filed against the crazy proOsama bin Laden ranting passenger. Regardless, it was certainly big time sissyass stuff for Abunayyad to act up on the airliner and to create a big incident and scare for the other passengers.

According to a spokesperson at Sonoma State University, Abunayyad came to the U.S. as an exchange student to study language, but certainly displayed plenty of “disturbed” behavior while at college.

Here’s to you, Abunayyad, our big time sissyass loser of the day. Your cousin, a decent young man, tried to get you to shut the F up and behave so you could give a little comfort to your sick mother, instead you won’t be going home very soon because you acted up big time on the flight home and earned a trip to jail instead.