Sex toys for the 21st century? Well, they’ve certainly gone far beyond the mere C cell vibrators of old. Now, former Microsoft engineer Steve DuMosch has developed the MojoWijo, a Wii controlled vibrator, that can be activated via a Wii control and used with a computer to remotely give your lover an orgasm anywhere. Well, that certainly sounds like a new high tech way to make a mess all over your keyboards. But, seriously, some technology sites and publications are already hailing the new sex toy invention as a great new naughty bit of high tech fun. And, yes there’s both male and female adapters available so either sex can get off, high tech style.

This sure isn’t your grandmother’s vibrator, partner. No way. Thank God that some science nerds have spent a great deal of time bringing jacking off into the modern age. The old way used to make your arm pretty tired from all the hard work. “Now some machine’s doing that for you”, just like the old Zager & Evans song, “In The Year 2525” predicted.