Well, nothing can certainly go wrong here. Apparently all of the other celebrities must have been taken, so SNL has booked trainwreck actress Lindsay Lohan to host the show in early March. It will be interesting to see whether she can do the show without it resulting in additional public service time. Actually, it might be cute to see little Lindsay Lohan performing her skits with a little ankle monitoring bracelet.

But, seriously. The show might be part of Lindsay Lohan’s attempt to publicly rehabilitate her image. Some stars have done that successfully, and some not. Look at Robert Downey, Jr. for example. There’s a guy who really came back from the brink, only to become a top box office draw. Then, there’s others like Whitney Houston, where the decline only resulted in an early death. Lindsay Lohan is at a crossroads right now. This SNL appearance may well be her most important gig in her life. She needs to make the most it.

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