Two men thought that they had the perfect “casting couch” audition scheme to lure women into sexual activity. Instead, the two got handed life sentences by a judge for their crimes. Emerson Callum, 45, and his partner, Lavont Flanders, 40, used social media networks like and to lure as many as 100 women to a claimed audition for modeling for major alcohol brands. Instead, the two men drugged the women, sexually abused them, and photographed these sexual assaults for intended commercial purposes. It was an outrageous crime spree that actually went on for several years. Why Florida police didn’t act much sooner is a mystery. Victims complaints were slowly acted on it seems.

Callum was also formerly known as a small time adult star, Jah T. Callum had a small time DVD company, Miami Vibes that attempted to market DVDs of the drugged up victims in sexual acts. What this pair of criminals did was entirely different from any legitimate adult DVD brand. The two used false pretenses to lure them women, then served then drinks spiked with the drug Xanax, the same drug that mixed with alcohol might have been partially responsible for the death of Whitney Houston.

None of the women were paid. But apparently, some women did make a statement on the DVDs that they weren’t under the influence, were somehow added by Callum and Flanders, although that was likely before they were drugged up.

In court, the two men acted defiantly, where somehow drugging women and sexually abusing them didn’t quite register to them as sex crimes. One victim described the two men as “moronic imbeciles” who left a trail of evidence of their crimes for local police and federal agents to follow.

All of this sure seems like an elaborate scheme just for Callum and Flanders to become a couple of prison bitches. WTF?