After a recovery from both liver and colon cancer that his doctor’s have termed “miraculous”, legendary Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb actually returned to the stage last night for a benefit for injured servicemen in the UK. Robin Gibb’s appearance before the charity event, Coming Home, was something of a surprise to many celebrity observers who believed that the singer was terminally ill. Gibb later explained in an interview that his lead doctor is a brilliant man, who now has him mostly cancer free. with only a little “mopping up” left to rid him of the last of the dreaded disease.

THE MIRROR over in the UK carried the news about Robin Gibb’s amazing return to performing, and their website can be checked out for further details about Robin Gibb’s return from what appeared to be certain death. Back in October for example, Robin Gibb looked very gaunt during an interview when he reviewed that he was in a very serious cancer battle for his life.

Well, we’re so glad to have you back, Robin. You’re a legend. Maybe all those prayers and good wishes counted for something here.