Comedy Central has suddenly suspended production of THE COLBERT REPORT after production of the very popular and influential comedy series was interrupted by family emergency. For now, reruns are scheduled, with no date set for the series to return. Stephen Colbert’s 91 year old mother is reportedly very ill. Hopefully, she has a full recovery very soon, and Stephen Colbert is able to return to his normal schedule.

The very popular comedian is also operating a super PAC that has so far raised about $1 million in political donations, allowing him a war-chest to air funny political ads later this season during the presidential campaign.

February Sweeps are a very critical time for ratings and one heck of a time for THE COLBERT REPORT to go into reruns. So, you can guess that the illness of the comic’s mother is probably very serious.

In other strange news, Rick Santorum of all people will appear before Stephen Colbert’s super PAC. What’s up with that?

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