CBS may be the top broadcast network, but that sure doesn’t mean that several of their current scheduled shows are likely to face cancellation and not be renewed for the Fall 2012 season. Nearly certain to be gone will be A GIFTED MAN, the Friday night medical drama. Friday night is historically bad for many TV shows, and not a very desirable time slot at all.

The days of the reign of the mighty CSI franchise shows may be coming to an end as well. CSI NY, another Friday night show is also highly likely to face cancellation as well. It will be the first of the three shows in the franchise to disappear. That’s sad, because this is still a very fine show, with fine actor Gary Sinise in the lead role. CSI MIAMI might be considered to be on the bubble as well, however it could escape cancellation for this year. The original CSI series will more likely than not get another season starting in the Fall. Usually the original in a series can outlast the spin-offs by a year or two.

CBS will have to look closely at the February numbers for UNFORGETTABLE, which also seems like a very likely candidate for cancellation, although the program has recently posted some improved numbers, meaning that CBS is giving this show every last hope to succeed.

THE GOOD WIFE might also be considered on the bubble, although CBS might give it another year to play out. It was considered on the bubble in it’s first year and has survived before.

Two CBS comedies are in interesting territory right now, where perhaps one or both could be gone for next year. David Spade’s THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is probably on the bubble right now, where either renewal or cancellation is probably a flip of a coin, depending on what new pilots that CBS may pick up. Then we come to Rob Schneider. Rob, Rob, Rob, what are we going to do about ROB. The series started out very strong as a surprise hit for the much maligned comic actor. But, since then, the ratings have started a slow erosion process, now making the show the weakest link in CBS TV’s big Thursday night lineup. Between THE BIG BANG THEORY and PERSON OF INTEREST, ROB’s ratings are something of a hole for the network. Many viewers seem to be tuning in to AMERICAN IDOL or something during ROB compared to THE BIG BANG THEORY. But, still the numbers for ROB are very good compared to all shows overall. Maybe CBS will actually give this show a renewal. Something of a surprise for anything with Rob Schneider’s name on it. Usually the words “success” and “Rob Schneider” are not uttered in the same sentence. ROB might break that hex for a change.

Part of the reason CBS is the top network is because the network is so well managed. That means that the network is likely to make whatever fine tuning it needs to remain number one. That means that a few once proud shows such as CSI NY are more likely than not to disappear next year if they can’t carry the weight that they once did.

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