Mitt Romney’s campaign handlers have found a horrible new faux pas attempt to attract Detroit, Michigan voters in two new campaign ads. Romney is filmed driving around in a Canadian-built Chrysler 300 and then talking about his love for “American cars” and proclaiming himself as the “Son Of Detroit” in the misguided ads. Mitt Romney was of course the son of former American Motors CEO George Romney, so American made cars were very much a part of the young Romney’s life. So you have to wonder how in heck anyone who claims to be a car guy could make such a goof as this.

Well, “Son Of Detroit”, what have you got to say for yourself?

BTW, the economy of Detroit is now so depressed, that many excellent homes can be bought for less than $9,000 in the city in many neighborhoods. Why is this so? Well, many former American brand cars are built in Canada now.

In more bad news, a new poll from the biggest news-station in Boston has Mitt Romney losing his home state to President Obama in a theoretical match-up by about 20 points. As a rule, you can’t win the presidency if you can’t even win the electoral votes of your home state in a presidential election.

You know the late night comics are going to have fun with this Canadian car flub. How unfortunate that campaign ads are churned out so fast, that there is little time to check facts or to mind to details.