TMZ is reporting that the family of Whitney Houston has been reportedly told of the likely cause of her death by the coroner’s office, although more toxicology results have yet to come back from the lab. Reportedly, although there was some water in her lungs, it was considered to be too little to drown in the bathtub. She likely died from a combination of prescription drugs such as the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, and alcohol and other drugs which might have caused an accidental lethal interaction. At this point, without toxicology tests, it is difficult to determine more issues about the drugs and alcohol she used. Those results will answer more questions.

Some photos of the last moments of Whitney Houston this past week showed her looking like a mess, and it even looked like some blood drops were on her leg, which was a real mystery.

The nation has been struck with great sadness over her death, because she was considered to be one of the greatest singers of all time, and was related to several major singers herself. She was like musical royalty. The Grammys had a sad shadow cast over them by her death. And President Obama has called for the public to pray for her family, which was a kind gesture illustrating her importance as a major celebrity to the nation.

All of this sad news has to especially heartbreaking to Clive Davis, Whitney Houston’s record producer. A very average looking teenager had been transformed into a glamorous and beautiful star to match her angelic voice, only to have her crash from personal demons that likely ultimately caused her death at an early age.