Some recent gaunt pictures of actor Macaulay Culkin are fueling rumors that the actor may be ill, however his spokesman has denied these rumors in the strongest possible terms, claiming that the actor is just fine and that these rumors are “reckless, irresponsible and destructive”. Speculation has swirled on both the Internet as well as among celebrity news sources when some new photos of the actor suggested that he didn’t appear to be well. Recently, some speculation about thin photos of Demi Moore were confirmed when she ended up in the hospital and then apparently in rehab according to many entertainment sources.

Some other sources have claimed that Macaulay Culkin may be losing weight for a role in the new movie, SERVICE MAN, however other sources claim that he’s not involved in that project.

So, this whole thing stands here as a mystery. Macaulay Culkin did break up with his girlfriend of eight years, Mila Kunis, last year.

UPDATE: Macaulay Culkin suddenly dropped out of a scheduled DJ gig today, now fueling new speculation about the actor’s health.