Although Howard Stern is something of a political independent with many Republican friends such as Donald Trump and former New York Governor George Pataki(Pataki would regularly call into Stern’s radio show, where both Stern and Pataki would find common ground and laugh at more than a few things). Stern and failed GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann are now involved in a very public feud. Earlier in the week, Stern referred to Bachmann as the “worst person in the world”. Instead of simply ignoring Stern’s comments, Bachmann fired off her own nasty Email about Howard Stern claiming that he’s “not a serious a person” and blaming him for “corrupting America’s youth on public airwaves”.

Hey, who could have ever expected that two of the most outrageous and silly personalities of our current civilization could ever be involved in a public feud?

Most politicians simply ignore comics such as Howard Stern, Jay Leno, David Letterman, etc. when they tell jokes or make funny comments about them. But, Michele Bachmann often seems compelled to respond to funny comments about her, often creating even more negative publicity. Bachmann has never received much over 52% of the vote in her three terms in Congress, and has probably hurt herself among many voters by her failed presidential bid and her involvement in some petty but high profile disputes with comics like Jimmy Fallon and now Howard Stern. Bachmann now has the some potential to lose office this year unless a strong GOP presidential candidate has enough coattails to pull her along.

On the other hand, Howard Stern’s show often seems like a lot of small talk. However, any new controversy he can create only will drive up his ratings, as both his fans and critics like to tune in to see what he’ll do next. Howard Stern never seems to lose in any public dispute with a celebrity. But, the celebrity or politician usually ends up on the low end of the stick. It’s far better for some celebrity to ignore Howard Stern, then to keep the pot boiling.

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