CONTAGION is a well crafted, all star cast, medical science fiction disaster thriller expertly directed by Steven Soderbergh. Currently available on DVD, this fast paced thriller manages to closely unfold the tale of a serious modern day plague epidemic transferred from a bat, to a pig, to humans, with terrible consequences of around 26 million killed before a cure is found by scientists working around the clock to save lives.

Gwyneth Paltrow plays an especially shocking role in this film as an early victim of this horrible and fast spreading modern day plague. Her path towards her death by this plague are carefully watched via security tape footage by CDC health experts who are trying to understand the method of transmission for this illness.

And, other actors such as Laurence Fishburne and Kate Winslet back up a cast that includes Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard and Jude Law. All all expertly cast, and play essential roles in this well spun thriller. It is also very nice to Elliott Gould back on the big screen as well. The veteran 73 year old actor well plays a deeply concerned medical expert, often just with facial expressions of concern. That’s the mark of a very fine actor there. Often without saying a word, his face does the acting.

CONTAGION may not be for everyone. But, it’s a very fine film certainly worthy of renting or buying on DVD for a nice well stocked DVD library.

The Bottom Line: Not a bad film at all. This medical disaster thrill ride is a fascinating film that will draw you in. It’s a nice new genre version reboot for the old disaster films of the 1970’s, and manages to capture plenty of drama without the big Irwin Allen type gimmicks of the traditional disaster epic. ***(Three Stars, Good. Buy or rent this one. This is a very good movie here).