Loudmouthed, throughly annoying and outrageous comic, Roseanne Barr has announced that she’s running for president, officially making this year’s presidential campaign contest into a true three ring circus event. Barr is hoping to capture the Green Party nomination, which should at least be some comfort to both the Democrats and Republicans, because neither party really needs one more clown at this point.

Although Roseanne Barr is worth an estimated $80 million dollars, she claims to be a strong supporter of the “Occupy Movement”, claiming that both political parties are owned by corporate America. The Greens are a leftist political party, which have brought together a strange mix of environmentalists, feminists and other anti-corporate leftists. Ralph Nader ran for president on this party ticket before. In the very close 2000 election, Ralph Nader likely helped to cost Al Gore the election because of votes he drew off in Florida. Nader’s running mate that year was Peter Camejo, a former presidential candidate of the Trotskyite Communist organization, The Socialist Workers Party.

Some sources claim that Ralph Nader is leaning against running for president again in 2012, which might actually give a celebrity candidate like Roseanne Barr some hope of becoming the Green Party nominee, since the Green Party seems to draw from such a far out and not ready for prime-time pool of talent.

And if the 2012 presidential campaign won’t be annoying enough, Roseanne Barr only promises to make the election even more ear-splitting and awful. Let’s only hope to God that she isn’t included in any of the debates. God help us!