Who loves nerds? Well, just about everyone it seems! Just as I had predicted at the beginning of the season, THE BIG BANG THEORY would overtake TWO AND AND A HALF this year as the top comedy on TV. Well, this past Thursday, a brand new episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY drew in monster ratings to become one of the biggest hit comedy shows in TV history. The show drew in an awesome 16.3 million viewers, while the new comedy, ROB, actually weakened slightly to 11.2 million viewers. CBS also scored big with brand new episodes of PERSON OF INTEREST with 14.9 million viewers, while a new episode of THE MENTALIST drew a strong 13.5 million viewers.

NBC attempted to explain away the terrible ratings for 30 ROCK by claiming that some mistake in the listed TV description of the show caused many DVRs to malfunction. but regardless, ratings of around 3.2 million viewers are very poor. ABC fared better than lowly NBC, but overall, AMERICAN IDOL and FOX won the night at 17.1 viewers, with CBS hot on their heels.

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