Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison film production company must have made BUCKY LARSON so that JACK AND JILL would look like CITIZEN KANE by comparison. BUCKY LARSON is so bad that even the most open of minds would be hard pressed to find one single redeeming feature for this simply awful movie which actually received a 0% critical approval over at ROTTEN TOMATOES. That’s really bad.

Comic actor Nick Swardson is simply horrible here, playing the most annoying and stupid character in the recorded history of cinema. With a Dutch boy wig and obviously phony buck teeth, Bucky Larson is a simply an awful character. Swardson has been far better in any other film that he’s been in than this film. He’s the wrong actor in the wrong film here.

About the only single redeeming feature for BUCKY LARSON is his naive, but sincere friendship, with a waitress well played by Christina Ricci. Ricci actually looks cute and seems very nice here, giving this film at least one performance that seems acceptable. But, the other actors including Swardson, and most certainly, Don Johnson are just horrible here. Visiting a dentist for a root canal is probable a more enjoyable experience than attempting to sit through this awful film.

Bucky Larson is a naive and mentally slow man who finds out that his parents were once porn stars, who now believes that he is destined to be a star since he is the offspring of two “movie stars”. A video that gets posted Online with Bucky with a small penis climaxing almost immediately becomes a big joke phenomenon, helping to propel him into a unique career in adult films, where other men with a small penis look like John Holmes or Ron Jeremy compared to Bucky’s porn acting. But, this one joke pony sure isn’t interesting or funny enough to carry along an entire feature length movie by any means. The entire premise of this movie is so terrible, and would probably have been better if the show was a little more sexy than it turned out as. Like A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY, another bad sex comedy film, BUCKY LARSON falls miles below the expectations, and really fails to deliver.

My best advice is to make far better use of about 97 minutes of your life than watching this dreck. BUCKY LARSON is bad. Real bad!!!

At least former MAXIM model and actress.Meredith Giangrande has real nice boobs during one sexy instant. But, that’s hardly enough to save this film.

The Bottom Line: This movie is a strong contender for the very worst movie ever made. Amazing that someone as talented as Adam Sandler wants this crap to be associated with his name. JACK & JILL sure looks like a masterpiece compared to this film. 1/2(One half of a star, or worse than poor. Hard to believe than perfectly good film was wasted making this film, when many poor filmmakers are going to bed unable to produce their own films because they can’t afford film. But, those who produced this film were harshly punished for their efforts. It cost $10 million to produce, but only brought back just $2.5 million. I know that’s a tough punishment. But, it fits the crime here).