A judge has ordered that the bank account of NBA star Allen Iverson be garnished to pay for a giant jewelry bill. Iverson was said to have purchased nearly $900,000 in jewelry from a jewelry business, but only paid just $200,000 before he stopped making payments. The jeweler then had to take the basketball legend to court…..and we’re not talking about a basketball court, to get the huge bill paid.

Most recently as 2011, Iverson had been playing in Turkey for a second tier international team. He had played with the Philadelphia 76ers twice in his career. At the age of 36, Iverson’s best years are no doubt behind him. But, if the jewelry bill is any clue, maybe Iverson needs to keep playing in order to support the millionaire lifestyle he once enjoyed in his peak NBA days.

Nothing new to see here. Just another NBA player making news for all the wrong reasons.

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