SINNERS AND SAINTS is a rather generic, but very gritty, police thriller set in New Orleans, where two homicide detectives investigate a series of very horrific murders. Apparently, the film went quickly to DVD and BluRay after it was bypassed by too many theaters, although the film has gotten some reasonably strong audience critical approval. Some critics such as Harry Knowles from AIN’T IT COOL NEWS gave this film a very strong review as well. Director William Kaufman did help to co-write a reasonably good crime tale here that is certainly worth a look.

The film does also manage to use some actors like Johnny Strong from BLACK HAWK DOWN, very effectively;y here. Tom Berenger is also in the cast, along with Jolene Blalock from STAR TREK ENTERPRISE.

And I suppose that since some TV crime shows have stepped up their gritty content material so much over the last few years, most notably LAW & ORDER:SVU and CRIMINAL MINDS, there is a market for movies such as SINNERS AND SAINTS to push the grit envelope even further. But, even in those terms it seemed especially violent for the crime victims to be set repeatedly on fire, then extinguisher over and over until they died in this movie. Beyond mere murder, this was nothing short of horrific torture. Where do producers think of such horrifying violence as this? But, if you have a strong stomach for violence, this isn’t too bad of a crime thriller here.

The Bottom Line: A tough as nails gritty crime story with horrific violence that will likely haunt sensitive persons for days, but fine for those who love strong police stories. *** (Three Stars Good, a better than fair, although somewhat formula police/crime thriller. The film did get a four star review from at least one critic).