Actress Demi Moore won’t play feminist Gloria Steinem in the new upcoming film about the life of troubled porn actress Linda Lovelace. After her hospitalization this past week, Moore decided to leave the project for health reasons. SEX AND THE CITY star, Sarah Jessica Parker will replace Moore in the filming that starts Monday.

This is just the latest problem for the movie, LOVELACE, about the troubled porn pioneer actress of the early 70’s, Linda Lovelace. Born Linda Boreman in Denver, Colorado, she became a huge celebrity for about 15 minutes due to her role in DEEP THROAT, the first porn film to gross several million dollars. On a tiny budget of $22,500 plus an additional $25,000 to add music, this low budget 1972 porn film involved elements of a plot as well as comedy, and might have grossed as much as $50 million worldwide. The FBI believes that the film might have actually grossed closer to $100 million dollars, with significant money laundering connected to the film because it was one of very few early porn films that was produced by a member of an organized crime family.

Before DEEP THROAT, Linda Boreman only starred in just one pornographic film, DOG FUCKER, an 8mm loop in which she has sex with a dog. Boreman claims that she never appeared in such a film, however the evidence proves that she lied about this. However, the movie LOVELACE appears to focus largely on her abusive relationship with her first husband, who was certainly disliked by both the producers and actors of DEEP THROAT.

Linda Boreman later descended into a world a drug problems and a drug possession arrest before claiming to become a born again Christian who renounced porn, but she became a tool of feminists as well as right wing members of the Reagan Administration’s corrupt Edwin Meese Justice Department who wanted to use Boreman to advance a morality political agenda by prosecuting porn. Meese later resigned his office in disgrace.

Boreman suffered from health problems from a blood transfusion, but later died of injuries from an automobile accident at the age of 53 in 2002. At one point in her life she became a broken down welfare mom.

Like most early porn, Boreman was simply awful. Her life was little more than a trainwreck. I’m not really sure how you make a good movie about that. And troubles on the set of this new film with production such as cast members only seem to characterize the mess that Boreman’s life actually was before it tragically ended at an early age.

The movie started production on January 2. Let’s hope this film will be a little better than Boreman’s real life, which really wasn’t very much.

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