Beautiful 25 year old adult film actress Bree Olson made a big name for herself in the mainstream media when she became one of two “Goddesses” that lived with actor Charlie Sheen after he went through a crazed period after he was fired from TWO AND A HALF MEN by the show’s producers. The publicity only seemed to spur public interest in Bree Olson and her film and magazine pictorial work.

Bree Olson was the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants. She was born in the United States in Texas, and has also made news because of the interest of PETA in her as a celebrity because she is a vegan. She also has made some news for being an atheist as well.

This past weekend, Bree co-hosted the ADULT VIDEO NEWS AWARDS 2012, partly due to her popularity since she was associated with Charlie Sheen. Bree makes for a lovely pinup model as you can see here. She has also done numerous softcore and hardcore magazines photo shoots, and remains as a top adult personality spurring sales for many magazines. Since 2007, Bree has also won numerous AVN awards as a top actress.