The strong faith in God of the family of Lauren Scruggs seems to be playing a critical role in her recovery efforts. The fashion blogger and GOSSIP GIRL wardrobe intern was critically injured in a aircraft ground accident last month when she accidentally walked into the plane’s propeller. She apparently couldn’t hear the pilot’s warning over the engine noise. And some aviation sources questioned why the pilot allowed passengers to exit the plane while the engine was still running. The terrible accident resulted in the loss of the fashion blogger’s left hand, left eye and horrific head and brain injuries. It is remarkable to see her fast recovery from such a terrible life threatening accident.

But, with the support of her loving family, Lauren Scruggs has survived this accident and even took to blogging her many fans and supporters this past week, thanking them for their support.

The fashion blogger no doubt had many prayers from her many fans as well. And faith will no doubt play a critical role in the difficult adjustment to her new life. We certainly wish her the very best.