Penn State’s legendary coach, Joe Paterno has died as a result of his aggressive fast spreading lung cancer. It’s a very sad end to this legendary figure who to leave his post at Penn State earlier in 2011 after a major sex scandal rocked the school’s football program. Paterno was the school’s head coach for 46 years, and a well loved figure. When he was forced into retirement by the assistant coach sex scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, students held protests on the campus.

There were stories that Paterno had consulted a lawyer because he might be possibly charged for not reporting knowledge of the sex scandal involving Sandusky, which seemed like terrible news. But, then more news came when it was disclosed that Paterno was suffering from aggressive and fast growing lung cancer. But, much of the public dismissed this news as a probable attempt to use a health issue to delay any investigation into Paterno’s role in allowing the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal to continue.

Regardless of the serious scandal at the school, the death of Joe Paterno is deeply sad. And no doubt his sadness about the events played at least some role in his sad death. He was a great college sports legend, and should really be remembered for what he did for the game and his school.