Broad government powers to regulate free speech are fascinating. In a number of cities and states, some self-righteous lawmakers, prosecutors and police agencies have the ultimate power to police what level of free speech they will tolerate in their own jurisdictions. A current legal example involves the soft core porn magazine, BARELY LEGAL, which is published by Larry Flynt’s HUSTLER Magazine publishing company. It features college aged girls 18-20, and is both popular among young men who love girls their own age as well as older men who love young women as well. This soft core magazine is perfectly legal for sale everywhere in the U.S., however if you attempt to subscribe to the magazine in a number of states and cities you won’t receive a free DVD offer from BARELY LEGAL that features some explicit sex.

Lawmakers and prosecutors are preventing customers in Alabama, Mississippi, Utah and Arkansas from receiving the free DVD offer. In addition, if you live in Indianapolis or South Bend, Indiana, you can’t get this free DVD offer either. The same goes for residents of Memphis, Tennessee as well as Cincinnati , Ohio and Tallahassee, Florida. Residents in zip codes beginning with 320-326 and 344, are also not allowed to receive this free offer as well. HUSTLER will send you free soft core offer of a special BEST OF BARELY LEGAL Magazine, but no free videos to these addresses, thanks to some legislators and prosecutors in charge of everyone’s lives.

Hey, prosecutors and legislators, what’s wrong with you? You waste perfectly good porn, when some men are going to bed horny.