David Letterman is getting ready for a milestone. He’s getting ready to sign a new two-year deal with CBS that will put him past Johnny Carson in the number of shows he’s done. Johnny Carson was David Letterman’s mentor, and Carson certainly wanted Letterman to take over the TONIGHT SHOW helm, but some heads at NBC wanted Jay Leno instead. This led to some bad blood over at NBC where Letterman eventually sought employment elsewhere after Jay Leno was chosen over him. Letterman later signed a terrific deal with CBS for a show at 11;30. However, at times it seems like David Letterman might have been ready to retire. A few years back, he faced some serious heart problems. But, a scad of friends filled in for him as he recovered from bypass surgery. Some times Letterman just seems like he’s bored, like some guy just looking at his watch wondering when he can leave. But, in the end, Letterman is planning on at least two more years at CBS. He might just want to beat Carson’s record, then call it a day.

Apparently, Craig Ferguson’s contract is also up for renewal as well. He’s a surprising good host of his late night talk show which is filmed on a shoestring budget, but carried solely on the back of his own strengths as a comic. No doubt, Craig Ferguson will also sign up again as well. If Letterman should decide to move on after next two years, Craig Ferguson might just have that huge opportunity offered to him. Likewise, Jimmy Fallon is in the same good position over at NBC. If Leno decides to move on, you know that NBC will certainly ask Jimmy Fallon to move up. He’s done a masterful job with Conan O’Brien’s old show, while Conan’s show over at TBS is still suffering from slowly softening ratings.