A new comprehensive study released by the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta finds that heterosexual couples are practicing anal sex at rates unseen in previous sexuality studies. Using study data compiled from 2006 through 2008, the new study claims that among heterosexuals aged 18-44, 44 percent of men, and 36 percent of women had experienced anal sex before. Anal sex has historically been associated with gay male sex, however the practice appears to be growing among heterosexuals at a rapid pace. Anal sex is also a common theme in many adult films as well, which might partially explain the popularity of the practice among the public. Viewers of erotica might find the practice something new that they want to add to their bedroom experience.

Heterosexual anal sex might have some appeal because it seems kinky to many couples, and can even involve some elements that have some similarity to S&M or degradation, while others might just find the practice just animalistic and gritty enough to be a turn-on.

Since the 1990’s, a new teenage sex phenomenon among Christian youths became something called “Saddlebacking”, or having anal sex to technically preserve virginity. Stephen Colbert strangely led to this new sexual phenomenon’s name when he joked about Saddleback Church’s drive to preserve virginity among teens.

Strangely, although anal sex is most often equated with gay male sexual relations, many gay males never practice anal sex, where oral sex or mutual masturbation are far more common sexual activities. Only 5.8 percent of men aged 18-44 have had a homosexual sex experience compared to 12% of females of the same age group according to this new CDC study.