Some stories just cross the lines of celebrity, business, scandal, politics and the wacky. And since his spectacular rise in Iowa, former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum has earned new media attention. However, after his 2006 landslide loss by more than 700,000 votes for re-election failed in his native Pennsylvania, Santorum took on a job paying $400,000 helping to consult and manage a major HMO, Universal Health Services,where he did very little constructive to stop serious financial fraud, rape, patient neglect, suicide or even murder at this HMO under his watch according to the long list of problems at this employer that government regulators noted. Santorum worked there between 1997 and 2011 . There was even one outrageous incident where some hospital staffers performed an unwanted exorcism on a severely autistic boy, attempting to explain his problems on demon possession of all things. The problems were so bad at Universal that government regulators even banned children from the HMO for their own safety. Yet Santorum would have you believe that he’s somehow a common sense competent manager, rather than just some incompetent religious screwball nut.

Using his pull as a former senator who knew how to milk the system, Universal Health Care hired Santorum who helped to pull in millions of dollars in federal grants and money for the troubled hospital giant. During the early months of his presidential campaign, his former employer, Universal, also became his second largest campaign contributor as well. All of this only illustrates the cesspool of revolving door politics that exist in Washington. Santorum was voted out of office once by voters, disgusted with him. Now he thinks he should return as president.

Rather than being a breath of fresh air, Rick Santorum’s politics is just more of the same old rotten Washington revolving door stuff. A disgraced senator who was voted out of office by a landslide because he couldn’t even keep his own job, let alone jobs in his home state of Pennsylvania, where steel mills and manufacturing closed down in droves, now claims to be the new economic Messiah that America needs. Not hardly.

The reality is that all he did since leaving office was to shovel millions of tax dollars to his HMO employer because he knows how to milk the system for all it’s worth. And now that employer would like to put him in the White House because there are so many more millions of tax dollars he could yet shovel to them as president. All of this outrageous Washington revolving door politics he poorly conceals with a paper thin-veneer of Holy Joe religion to boot.

The only positive thing in all of this is that Rick Santorum is never, ever, ever, going to win the Republican nomination or even for that matter be elected president. When you’re the worst like Rick Santorum the only direction is straight down. He had his 15 minutes of fame last week in Iowa. Why he surged there, when far better and more serious candidates didn’t do better could probably best be blamed on Iowa’s strong core of social conservative voters who are willing to support even the worst possible candidates only if they are opposed to gay marriage or abortion. Screw the other issues such as basic ethics or integrity. But, now it’s time to move on to more serious candidates in other states where many voters take voting far more seriously than the type of jerks who would vote for someone like a Santorum..

Santorum is spelled much like Sanatorium for good reason.