A Jack Ryan Novel
By Tom Clancy with Mark Greaney

Tom Clancy’s large body of work has tended towards very long works, and his latest is no exception to that.  What has changed is that, while long, this latest novel is once again tight and compelling.

Jack Ryan has re-entered politics to unseat a Democratic President (Kealty) who has been systematically hobbling American Intelligence and military capability.  The incumbent President, in his desperation to avoid a clearly looming defeat, elects to destroy Ryan by prosecuting his long time friend and mentor John Clark.

This strategy is the brain child of billionaire Paul (Pavel) Laska, a Czechoslovakian expatriate and Kealty supporter dedicated to reducing the influence of the United States globally and actively using his fortune to undermine America’s efforts to counteract global Islamic terrorism.  He views Ryan as the antithesis of all he has worked to achieve, and will scruple at nothing to prevent Ryan from being able reverse the trends his various and sundry organizations and political fellow travelers have set in motion.

Concurrent with this domestic threat is a Pakistani ISI Department Head (Brigadier General  Riaz Rehan) who is attempting to establish himself as the Caliph of a Pakistani Caliphate.

The only things standing in the way of Laska, Kealty, and Rehan is the off the books intelligence and direct action agency established by Jack Ryan in the final days of his Administration, and John Clark.

Game On.