Beautiful car enthusiast girl, Jessi Combs, is back with a new series. This time an automotive video series on the Web comprised of 1001 CAR THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE. The new series appears to be something of a new genre, a brand new TV show that’s brought directly to the Internet rather than to cable TV. AUTOBLOG is running the new video series on their website.

Jessi Combs was the popular co-host on EXTREME 4X4, until she required some back surgery and was forced to get some rest. But, she has since returned to TV on the popular show MYTHBUSTERS. She’s a true expert on automobiles, and holds a college degree on custom automobile fabrication.

Jessi Combs has to be just about the most perfect girl. She’s beautiful, with cute good looks and plenty feminine, yet she’s as good of a mechanic as any of the boys. How perfect is that?

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